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Regardless of experience and seniority, the job market can be extremely daunting, is constantly changing and those who truly understand how to conduct a successful job search, will ensure they advance their careers successfully. We hope the information below will encourage you to start the process proactively and to assist you with some of the basics.

  • A CV is a marketing tool, your own personal advertisement, not your life story. If the presentation and content of your CV (and covering letter) is poor then it is quite possible that it will not receive the attention it deserves. Remember a CV will not get you the job. It is there to get you an interview or meeting.
  • The days of having one standard CV are long gone. The document must be tailored to each and every role with which you are applying for. Recruiters may scan CV's and very quickly make an initial decision - How strong is yours? Your CV therefore must contain only relevant, accurate and important information that will interest the recipients sufficiently to give you an interview. Remember, employers/or recruiters are interested in what you have delivered, not a pure list of responsibilities. They buy demonstrable, relevant experience, hence focus on what you have delivered.
  • A well presented and written CV also allows you to keep stronger control of the interview process.
  • Regardless of age and seniority, people perceive interviews to be stressful and daunting. However, it should be viewed as an opportunity to display your capabilities and skill-sets.
  • Preparation is key and naturally one's confidence levels and overall performance will be optimised through careful preparation in advance.
  • Remember the process is two way. You are present to answer questions of course, so the company can be sure you match the qualities you have to claim but you are there also to ask appropriate questions, to find out about the company and the role to see if both parties genuinely believe there is a strong match.
  • Change your language - do not think of it as an interview. It is in effect a type of business meeting. Not dissimilar to a meeting with your boss, a colleague, supplier, bank manager, adviser etc.
  • Sound and thorough preparation across all facets will not guarantee you are offered the job, however, it will ensure you give a credible performance. There is no template that will give you the perfect interview performance and it is a serious mistake to approach it as an actor. Remember - expect the unexpected.
  • Interview styles vary in their styles and quality from informal and chatty to strictly competency based against a tight job description. Be prepared. First impressions count so make sure the meeting works for you from the start.
  • Whilst it is anticipated that the above will assist you, the job search process is extremely detailed and complex and to maximise your chances of success, it is imperative that you have a detailed and thorough understanding as to not only the methods of how to secure your next role but to be sure of which direction you wish to go for the future. Remember - you can't get lost if you don't know where you are going.

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