Why use Evans Taylor?

  • First and foremost, we deliver. Alongside this, our clients inform us that they enjoy working with us, are challenged and are able to develop themselves and learn through the Evans Taylor process.
  • Our expertise is broad and hence we are able to work with clients not only from a Search & Selection perspective but also from a broader consultancy perspective, adding value across the full talent management suite of activities.
  • Our resourcing process is one of the most thorough, detailed and professional within the industry. This enables us to minimise risk and to ensure the successful completion of assignments.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, simply filling positions is not our perspective of success. Naturally this is a given, however, we successfully meet our commitments to our clients by completing assignments with high calibre individuals and monitor their ongoing success within the client organisation.
  • We have a 95% assignment fill rate. Additionally, a high percentage of appointed individuals are successfully promoted to bigger roles. We adopt high internal quality standards and a strict code of professional ethics; this is to ensure we deliver accurately, professionally and with integrity, enabling the process to be conducted in a timely manner.
  • Our breadth of expertise allows us to work with clients in a broader more flexible way. We adopt arguably the highest values and ethics in the industry. This amongst others includes giving honest and constructive feedback to all parties. Furthermore, we will not undertake an assignment unless we feel confident of completing the work successfully and to the client's satisfaction.
  • In excess of 70% of our work comes from existing clients and we are proud of the fact that we are still working strategically with our first ever clients. We believe in developing long term relationships with clients, in order to become their business partners.
  • We are generalists with extensive experience throughout the UK and overseas markets, working for global corporations through to local SME's. We are totally independent, flexible and creative and are not affected by the heavy politics within large corporate organisations.
  • Each member of the consultancy team has extensive expertise in their own field with high reputations in the industry. We are profitable, financially strong and growing. We do not believe in short term fads but are here to stay for the long term.
  • Our core resourcing activity is in the £50k to £150k pa bracket. However, we operate successfully and regularly on either side of these levels. We work in a timely manner and to an agreed commercial framework, enabling us to focus on our key capabilities:- delivery for our clients.

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